2019 Dealer of the Year

Nominations have now ended. Click on the button below to go to voting.

Please note your email address will be kept for the duration of the competition and if not currently a part of our mailing list, deleted after the winners are announced. 

Tips to get more votes:

> Send a newsletter/email to your customers

> By social media. So Share on Facebook, Tweet on Twitter etc

> Post in the news section of your website

> Place a banner/popup on your website home page

> Ask your friends and family 

Though make sure that you do not break the rules! 

> Only one dealership can be nominated 

> Only dealerships undertaking installation, service and repair of Marine Electrical and Electronic equipment can be nominated

> Staff may not vote for their own company

> Previous entries will not be included.

> Duplicates will be merged.

> Voting will be on-line via the BMEEA website and the judge’s decision is final.

> The winner will be announced at the BMEEA Conference Annual Dinner.

> The closing date for entries is 30th of August, 2019. 

> Late entries will not be accepted.

> Voting begins on 2nd of September 2019 until the 4th of October, 2019.