2019 Product of the Year

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The Nominees:

BLDC Inverter Drive Variable Speed Air Conditioning

Launched METS 2018 and launching in UK at Southampton Boat Show 2019

This revolutionary new technology resolves the problem boat builders have had to contend with when fitting air conditioning, namely providing the power to supply it. Frigomar are unique in having developed a sophisticated power conversion technology bespoke to the marine application which resolves an age-old problem with air conditioning in marine applications – the high power demands, both to start the air con and to run it. Generators have to be sized to cope with the high start and run loads demanded by traditional stop/start marine air conditioning systems – this results in very uneconomical power solutions for ordinary day to day power requirements when air con is not being used. Furthermore – shore power may struggle and in the past; twin shore power supplies may have to be fitted.

All these problems have now been removed by Frigomar's latest version of their BLDC Inverter Drive technology, which applies to both their self-contained and chilled water air conditioning systems.

This technology enables a boat to have an air conditioning system that can start without any massive peak current demand (maximum of 2A) and can even run smoothly at only 200W. The energy saving over traditional stop start systems is 50% and the ability to drive a compressor at such low speeds means that a continuous cooling effect can be had with only a small electrical power input. The inverter drive system's ability to run at such a low speed is quite revolutionary.

So it is the significant contribution to solving many power supply issues on boats and its Environmental A-rating (only marine air con system meeting this standard) that has prompted us to nominate this as product of the year!

Inverter BLDC

Clearcruise AR (Augmented Reality)

This is an innovative approach to simplifying navigation ClearCruise(c) AR is bringing enhanced on water perception to Raymarine's family of Axiom® multifunction displays. With ClearCruise AR, Raymarine Axiom users can make smarter decisions with navigation objects overlaid directly on Axiom's high definition video display.

Critical navigation objects overlaid on HD video. Surrounding AIS-equipped vessel traffic and charted navigation aids are clearly identified with rich graphics on a live, dynamic video image. Color-coded labels provide instant identification, status, and risk-assessment Live AIS Targets. ClearCruise AR provides positive identification of AIS equipped vessels on the horizon. Major chart objects are identified for instant, heads-up recognition. ClearCruise AR technology shows you visually where your saved waypoints and marks are located. Visualize nearby marks and waypoints for easy navigation.

ClearCruise AR technology makes it easy to pick out the buoys marking the edges of the safe channel on a hazy day.

Clearcruise AR

Element S Navigation Displays

The Element S series of navigation displays gives you the freedom to enjoy the open water. Select your destination and let Element S's fast and accurate 10Hz GPS/GNSS lead the way. Engineered for simplicity and affordable performance, Element S will quickly become your trusted cruising companion. A quad-core processor offers responsive performance and Element S's all-weather, sunlight viewable displays deliver chart and navigation data in beautiful color.

Once underway, Element S will keep you on course with a smart list of user-friendly features, such as AIS target overlays, autopilot integration, and sailing instruments displays.

Element S


Based on the same proven technology as our award winning NAVTEX receivers, the new NAV6 Series V3 NAVTEX systems have a new receiver design that now includes a barometric pressure sensor and micro USB port.

Simultaneous dual frequency NAVTEX reception on 490kHz and 518kHz.

Automatic station selection based on current location and comprehensive instrument repeater displays when connected to NMEA data.

The ability to predict the weather is essential when at sea. The rate of change of barometric pressure and wind speed data can be invaluable in predicting imminent weather conditions. Unlike analogue barometers, the ICS barometric display provides a high resolution digital barograph that can scaled and scrolled over the previous seven days. It provides reliable, clear information that is easily operated from the NAV6 display or eNAVTEX App on a PC.

The multi-function capabilities of the NAV6plus with the new integrated barometric displays are perfect for reducing the number of instruments required onboard.

Navtex Nav 6

TracPhone V3 HTS

Being the world's fastest, lightest ultra compact VSAT, the KVH TracPhone V3 HTS meets the increasing demand for dependable broadband connectivity whilst on the water.

Enjoy the internet on the water the way you do at home and have the power to browse, connect with your office, obtain chart and weather information and, with its flexible metered airtime plans, you can stream your favourite HD video and music content, video chat with friends and family, and much more.

The KVH TracPhone V3 HTS delivers seamless global coverage with download speeds as fast as 5Mbps and with upload speeds of 2 Mbps. Until now, the speed and global reach offered by the V3 HTS was only available on much larger, heavier systems but the V3 HTS does all this from a 37cm antenna weighing in at just over 10Kg.

The system operates via KVH's global mini-VSAT HTS network, which late last year began utilizing the award winning IntelsatOne Flex platform; a fully managed service designed to optimize bandwidth allocations and provide flexible coverage where it is needed.

We strongly believe this is a major leap forward both in design and features and, as such, the KVH Tracphone V3 HTS really sets the benchmark for providing a truly reliable internet connection that meets the demand of the next maritime generation.

TracPhone V3-HTS

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