Why you should use a BMEEA member

For the majority of today’s, more complex products and installation, you really do need it properly installed and even more so when products are digitally interfaced to other equipment, ‘talking’ to each other in the electronic sense. 


Also, be aware that some imported equipment may not meet UK and European Standards as such equipment may be illegal if fitted to your boat.

What you need to know when buying electrical and electronic equipment for your boat…

Some manufacturers offer an extended warranty when installations are carried out by their appointed agents. You may think it better to try and find the lowest price and this is fine for some basic products.  


For other, more complex products and their installation, you really do need it properly installed, particularly when such products are combined into a fully integrated system within your vessel to control and display multiple pieces of information. 


The list of BMEEA members can be used to locate your nearest BMEEA dealer and, your assurance that work will be of the highest quality, at a competitive price and with uncompromising service.

Be aware that some imported equipment may not meet UK and European Standards. Such equipment may be illegal if fitted to your boat!

Purchasing marine electrical equipment or electronics for your boat can be a difficult decision.  

  • You want to make sure you get the very best advice
  • You want the most reliable and intuitive equipment
  • You want equipment installed and commissioned – ready to use 

The BMEEA leads the way with members trained to internationally adopted standards and to a standard Code of Practice.

Look for the Logo

Look for the BMEEA logo. Whenever you see this, you know that a marine electronics or electrical manufacturer or installer is committed to product quality and customer care. 


BMEEA approved Manufacturers, Dealers and Installers will ensure that you can purchase your electronics with confidence, knowing they will offer expert installation and service.

NMEA Partnership

The BMEEA has established a partnership with NMEA (National Marine Electronics Association based in the US) in order to promote international standards and professional installation guidelines to make equipment more reliable and boating safer. 


The NMEA has spent the past 55 years creating standards and providing training for the technicians who install and service equipment on board boats; the BMEEA has adopted the training courses to promote higher standards of professionalism within the European arena.

Why risk it . .?

Many boat owners are put at risk by ‘substandard’ electrical, electronic or mechanical installations – BMEEA approved Dealers and installers are trained to use correct materials and to use the guidelines published both in the EU Recreational Craft Directive and BMEEA Code of Practice. 


Correct installation will ensure reliable operation and robust performance.

Why should I use an Approved Dealer or installer . . ?

Not all installers will follow factory guidelines, they may not use approved materials, correct size cables or install correct fusing. They may not commission the system or calibrate the equipment correctly.   


Not all installers will offer a warranty on their workmanship or installation. 


BMEEA approved Dealers and installers are selected because they WILL do the job professionally and correctly.