Rogues Gallery

Below are examples of work done by traders who were not professionally qualified to undertake the work, Thankfully BMEEA members were called upon to fix the work before too much damage.

Hole Saw Cable Locator >

A qualified and professional installer will always plan the installation, they understand how important it is to check behind every surface onto which equipment is going to be mounted to avoid situations like this.  

At best this would require rewiring several cable looms in the locker behind, at worst, these cables could be live 240v mains cable  – possibly giving the drill operator an electric shock, damaging other electrical equipment onboard or possibly triggering an electrical fire with consequent damage to the boat, in extreme cases even complete loss of the boat.

Horrible Cabling >

This is a fire risk and a serious potential electrocution danger, using a domestic rewireable fusebox as a junction box with exposed contacts and confused unlabelled cables is a recipe for disaster, with personal injury risk, fire hazard, equipment damage and property damage all likely.  

This is absolutely why a qualified, competent installer should be used to ensure the installation complies with current regulation and guidelines in the Code of Practice available to professional marine installation and service engineers.

Screws through the Hull of the Boat >

This is a classic example of amateur installation capabilities, poor planning of location of equipment to be mounted inside the hull, with no regard for structure of the surface or the thickness of the hull.  

Wrong choice of fixings and appalling workmanship has resulted in the hull of this boat being destroyed, this 

Being a planning hull, the area of hull is now weakened, the hull in the region of the screw holes will craze and crack and any filler used to fill the holes will simply fall out, leading to water penetration of the glass fibre laminate and probably water ingress to the hull, a professional hull repair is now required and this will be an expensive repair before the boat is fit to go back into the water.