Training and Qualifications

The BMEEA (British Marine Electrical and Electronics Association) has established training programmes and qualifications that allow the development of engineers and to recognise their achievements. 

We are committed to ensuring that the quality and expertise of our members is appreciated by customers and boat-builders. 

An important part of this is to establish training and qualifications that allows the development of engineers and to recognise their achievements.  

Changes to the association bye-laws meant that all relevant organisations needed to have at least one qualified member of staff at each of their premises where there is more than one by January 2011 to retain their membership. 

The committee is also acutely aware that if the Association doesn’t get standards and qualifications in place itself, they may be forced upon us by some external body.  

The potential costs of this and the lack or relevance are a real threat. British Marine Electrical Technician (BMET) accreditation is a scheme that has been introduced to recognise the qualifications and experience of those involved with the installation of electrical supplies in boats. 

The scheme consists of a two day course followed by a multi-choice examination and, verification of a candidate’s practical competence. 

Also, and for the correct electronic equipment installations, there is the Marine Electronics Installer (MEI) course for engineers who have sufficient basic previous practical experience but who need to be up to speed in associated Standards and the all important digital interfacing.  

The MEI is also available to an advanced level (AMEI) that takes into account even more technical requirements from the installation and usage points of view. 

By choosing a company with staff that has attained BMET and MEI/AMEI accreditations you can be confident that you will get the highest standards of workmanship and expertise. 

See below for more details. As a member, course fees are cheaper:

  • Advanced Marine Electronics Installer
  • BMET Advanced 
  • BMET Electrical Course
  • Marine Electronics Installer