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17th of May, 2019 – 10:00 – 16:30

RCD Awareness Course (Southampton)

Increase your knowledge of the latest legality on the RCD, to ensure compliance in this important area, following on from the new legislation that came into effect from January 2017.

Attend the full day or we have made the morning only session available to brokers, importers and distributors:

British Marine Members – Full Day: £150 + VAT (£180)

Morning only: £90 + VAT (£108)

Non-Members – Full Day: £316.80 + VAT (£396)

The new Recreational Craft Directive, 2013/53/EU, has increased the Statutory obligations and responsibilities on those other than manufacturers within the supply chain of recreational craft, such as distributors and importers, which includes requirements to check official documentation and retain technical information.  

There are also changes to the responsibilities of owners who carry out modifications to their vessels and re-sell.  In order to raise awareness within the industry of these fundamental changes, British Marine have made the morning session of the awareness course suitable to be taken as a short course for brokers, importers and distributors. 

Further information is available on the British Marine Website or please contact Liv Whetmore:

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